Tired of dirty carpets, tile and grout? Get your carpet cleaning estimate for free if you live in the Bakersfield area. I pride myself in using industry preferred Hostdry Products in caring for your carpet and flooring. The Hostdry method uses small, natural environmentally safe sponges that are brushed into your carpet or tile grout lines and then extracted resulting in a thoroughly cleaned floor. This method uses very little water, so there will be no dirty water left sitting in your carpet.

Need your upholstery or mattresses cleaned? I specialize in cleaning your furniture with our HydraMaster DriMaster tool. This tool's special design allows for fabric cleaning without needing to spray water directly onto your furniture. The DriMaster lifts dirt and stains out of upholstery and mattresses and prevents wick back. Dry time is reduced by 50% when using the HydraMaster DriMaster tool. I am committed to providing excellent service to every customer. I know that in order to continue to be a successful business, I need to satisfy each customer. I pride myself in providing exceptional service.

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Jem Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Carpet cleaning in Bakersfield that dries in 15 minutes. We also do tile, grout and upholstery cleaning.

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